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*** LuLu Massage Therapies has closed as of December 2016. ***
Please read more about this transition here.

For centuries, massage has been used to treat pain, reduce anxiety and depression, increase energy and promote better sleep.  Proud of her ancient trade, licensed massage therapist Sarah Silliman Vinson is committed to keeping her clients safe, respected and educated about their bodies. Each massage is tailored specifically to your current needs and health history.

LuLu Massage Therapies provides effective, orthopedic treatment for:

– Whiplash and Neck Pain
– Repetitive Stress Injuries
– Sports Injuries
– Scar Tissue
– Plantar Fascia / Foot Pain
– Headaches
– TMJ Dysfunction
– Computer Shoulders
– Posture Problems




Feel free to take a look around!  Be sure to visit the News & Specials page for current deals or important info, and check back often because it may change. Also check out the LuLu Articles page, where Sarah periodically writes interesting posts about massage therapy and bodywork, fun facts, and relevant health information.

If you have questions about the kind of work Sarah does, please visit the FAQ page or send her an email.


Live happy, live healthy.

Sarah Silliman Vinson, LMT

“Our own physical body possesses a wisdom which we who inhabit the body lack.”  – Henry Miller

American Massage Therapy Association

Oregon Licence #15899

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  • LuLu Says Goodbye

    Friends, Clients and Family, After eight wonderful years of client care, LuLu Massage Therapies will be closing its doors in December of this year. This is

Live Healthy, Live Happy

Lulu Massage Therapies seeks to restore health and vitality throughout mind, body and spirit.

"The part can never be well unless the whole is well.” - Plato